5 Signs You're An Alcoholic

One bright, beautiful summer Saturday when I was twenty-eight I was at a party in the Hollywood Hills. My friend's pool was once Walt Disney's, though this contemporary house had been built between Walt Disney's actual house and the pool so we were not in the same rooms that Walt used to walk. The house looked over the whole of Los Angeles, and since there were only about twelve people at the party, all of us familiar with each other now for a number of years, there was a more intimate feeling than usual L.A. pool parties.

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How Cardio Gives You Cancer

For about half of my life from age 15 to 30 I was a competitive swimmer. I loved the pool and the camaraderie of a team. I didn’t really compete as an adult, but trained competitively and usually lead my lane during long, grueling practices. I felt alive when the water rushed over my body at top speed, proud of my athletic ability, part of something special when bonding with my teammates. I was a sprinter, swimming freestyle and butterfly so fast you could count on one hand the number of strokes it took me to get across the pool.

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Hair Regrowth Progress

Hair grows during late spring, summer, fall, and into the start of winter. Here is a visual update of my own hair regrowth going on right now. About half of what you see was regrown the first time I "accidentally" regrew it while developing niacin therapy (this is a chapter in my book which explains how to stimulate endogenous niacin synthesis and is not the same as taking supplemental niacin).

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Iodine—The Forgotten Antibiotic

Last night I got an urgent inquiry from a woman whose children had contracted a very uncomfortable stomach bug. One was sick a few days earlier and the other developed symptoms soon after, both of them with vomiting, diarrhea, and an aversion to food. Their doctor had diagnosed it as "gastritis," which basically means he doesn't have a clue what it was, as the term gastritis simply means inflation of the gastrointestinal system, and sent them home just as sick as when they had arrived.

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I will be moving this article to a more recent publish when making changes I think will benefit readers who have already read many of my articles, but I will not remove the previous updates. If you see this appear there will be more additions to the list of updated topics below than what you may have already seen. 

ERECTIONS - added specific information about zinc

DIOXINS TOXINS AND PESTICIDES - removed recommendation for Alpha Lipoic Acid as I've come to believe it increases nitric oxide synthesis and complicates aging.  

THE CURE FOR METABOLIC DISEASE - added information on the benefit of Acetic Acid and how lactic acid bacteria suppress acteic, butyric, and propionic producing bacteria in contribution to metabolic disease.

SURVIVING ACCUTANE - Added info about vitmain D.  

THE CURE FOR HYPOTHYROIDISM - Added information on how gut health and gut bacteria manipulate thyroid function. 

THE CURE FOR AGING - added information about progesteone's age-reversing abilities which should have been there when I first wrote it but health is hard and I forgot. 

HOW TO PERFORM SELF THERAPY - added a recipe for milk/sugar/gelatin which can be used both diagnostically and therapeutically. 

IT'S ALL ABOUT IRON - added content about how our normal biological processes use iron and how interruption to those processes causes iron build up.