I will be moving this article to a more recent publish when making changes I think will benefit readers who have already read many of my articles, but I will not remove the previous updates. If you see this appear there will be more additions to the list of updated topics below than what you may have already seen. 

ERECTIONS - added specific information about zinc

DIOXINS TOXINS AND PESTICIDES - removed recommendation for Alpha Lipoic Acid as I've come to believe it increases nitric oxide synthesis and complicates aging.  

THE CURE FOR METABOLIC DISEASE - added information on the benefit of Acetic Acid and how lactic acid bacteria suppress acteic, butyric, and propionic producing bacteria in contribution to metabolic disease.

SURVIVING ACCUTANE - Added info about vitmain D.  

THE CURE FOR HYPOTHYROIDISM - Added information on how gut health and gut bacteria manipulate thyroid function. 

THE CURE FOR AGING - added information about progesteone's age-reversing abilities which should have been there when I first wrote it but health is hard and I forgot. 

HOW TO PERFORM SELF THERAPY - added a recipe for milk/sugar/gelatin which can be used both diagnostically and therapeutically. 

IT'S ALL ABOUT IRON - added content about how our normal biological processes use iron and how interruption to those processes causes iron build up.