The Cure for SIBO (and other conditions)

UPDATE: Thank you to those who have supported my work. I have removed some old articles which are now in my book, Fuck Portion Control. As a book the information that has made my blog so popular is more cohesive and better suited to helping health challenges than a blog format, it contains a vast amount of material including this topic as well as how to regrow bald and thinning hair, heal varicose veins, or eliminate chronic viral infections as well as being a more broad and effective exploration into the foundations of human health and the origins of disease. 

I have left the recipe for sodium acetate which can be used in the treatment of SIBO, alcoholism and addiction, and other health challenges.


*never mix in a sealed container, reaction is volatile and will burst container.
1 tsp baking soda
2 1/2 tbsp (plus more) white vinegar
Place the baking soda in an open cup or bowl, slowly adding vinegar until foaming stops (adding too quickly will cause it to foam over the top). Once reaction slows add small amounts of vinegar until all sodium bicarbonate has disappeared or fizzing ceases (it's helpful to swirl the solution toward the end to agitate remaining bicarbonate). Adding too much vinegar makes it taste strongly of vinegar, too much bicarbonate makes it salty, balancing out the two is the key to mild taste, which is a little like salt and vinegar chips. Dilute this remaining solution with water, orange juice, or milk, or your preference and divide into two or three doses separated by at least an hour when starting sodium acetate. More can be taken later but the benefit of this comes from repeated consistency and not amount, and excess can be caustic and cause stomach aches or cause sodium overdose. It is also best used after or with a meal, because if blood sugar is low the body will oxidize the acetate for energy, instead of using it in other processes. Some conditions like Crohn's disease are believed to be an excess of acetate so please consult with your doctor before using sodium acetate.