5 Easy Ways To Fix Your Appearance

List time! Of all the things I've tried and found to be effective, these are the most necessary or impactful. 

1.) Aspirin
If I could do only one thing for my health it would be a daily aspirin (I take 2-4 daily for my thyroid condition, a brand with no titanium or other toxic additives like oxidized Iron—read labels). Aspirin increases your metabolism. It raises CO2 in your tissues, which directly increases oxygenation. It protects and strengthens your gut. Stroke sufferers take aspirin every day afterward. For the same reason aspirin will prevent strokes and adverse cardiovascular events in you, as well as improve overall blood flow. Aspirin improves liver function. It helps lower excess Iron. It clears brain fog. It recovers muscles post-workout. It reduces puffy eyes and dark circles. Aspirin even repairs your DNA! But—if you take aspirin and don't eat food you will feel bad, because you are increasing your metabolism without having anything to burn. So eat, please, and take an aspirin.

2.) Butter
Butter makes skin soft (eaten, not used as a lotion. Though I suppose you could put it on your skin... that's a great idea, actually I'm gonna try that tonight). Butter is high in Butyric Acid, which speeds your metabolism. Butterfat stabilizes your cell's energy centers. Those last two points are why butter aids in weight loss, contrary as it might sound (as does ice cream). This post explains why in better detail. Butter also helps absorb fat soluble vitamins in other food, and lowers bacterial overgrowth in the gut while cooling inflammation. I eat a significant amount of butter or ice cream every day. You can't go wrong with butter, but you can go very wrong without it.

3.) Chlorine Shower Filter
Chlorine is a problem for a couple reasons. It binds to iodine and contributes to thyroid malfunction. It also reacts with other elements and creates toxic byproducts that damage your skin and internal organs. The dryness/itchiness post shower/bathing is because of chlorine. It also causes that brittle/stiff hair. For the same reason Chlorine kills bugs, it kills your cells (or at least causes major damage). Chlorine and it's more aggressive, modern sibling Chloramide turn to gas in your shower steam and is breathed in. Charcoal filters don't really get chlorine and they don't get Chloramide at all. I use this vitamin C filter I get online. It's easy to install, but doesn't really work on a short shower head because the citric acid needs some time to react with the chlorine. For this reason I have a handle shower head with the hose attached. This lets the water sit with the citric acid for a moment before it comes out. With a low-flow head a cartridge lasts me two months (and I take LOOOONG showers). Now I never have dry/itchy skin post shower.

4.) Cut Out Grains
The difference between a grain based carbohydrate diet and one without grains is the difference of clear skin, high energy, and a happy gut. Additionally, wheat is also fortified with a virulent form of Iron, which causes stomach and immune problems, setting off a host of inflammation and malnutrition issues which cause the degradation of your appearance. Instead, focus on getting lots of fruit and vegetable fruits as your primary sources of carbohydrates. Foods like squash, apples, oranges, raisins, and potatoes are much preferable to grains. 

5.) Don't Put Anything on your Skin/Hair That You Wouldn't Put in your Mouth. 
Okay, so this item is kind of more than one thing. But your skin is not only the biggest organ of the body, it is the biggest digestive organ. Your skin doesn't absorb water well, but it absorbs everything else! This why is swimming in the ocean is so invigorating—your skin loves to soak up all that yummy magnesium, sodium, and potassium. The skin absorbs fat, minerals, vitamins, and toxic substances, even in expensive, high end skin products, many of which are estrogenic and cause swelling, inflammation, and skin deterioration. Ever notice when you put on a lotion that it comes back up a little while later, leaving you with greasy, lotion-y skin? This is your skin "throwing up" what it ate. Because lotions and other cosmetics aren't digestible, your skin has to work get them out of body, after you put it in, to prevent cells from dying (or repair them if they already have). Instead of lotion use coconut oil. It absorbs fully and actually works to repair and nurture skin. Use hair products made from Shae, coconut, or beeswax, use cosmetics made from minerals. If it smells like chemicals, use something else, and you'll improve the quality of your skin enough that cosmetics won't be necessary. 

Nathan Hatch8 Comments