I Need Your Help

The epidemics we are facing these days are alarming. Rates of Autism, homelessness, addiction, and a glut of metabolic diseases are only increasing in severity. Recently I had a reader send me an article in The Guardian which highlighted a study about bacteria transplanted from the gut of Autistic people into test mice which then caused those mice to develop Autistic like behaviors, because back in January I wrote an article proposing a possible bacterial origin as the cause of Autism, specifically fingering a bacterium which produces a compound called streptavidin which blocks biotin absorption and seems to be the likely root of Autism (originating from triggers such as glyphosate exposure). As such, I believe Autism could be solved in the very near future.

But Autism isn’t what I need help with. The most alarming of all these problems is the destruction that addiction and alcoholism is having on our families and communities. I used to live in downtown Los Angeles, and while there was a large homeless population at the time it wasn’t as alarming as the situation now, which has grown and spread across the whole city as the opioid crisis and other addictions increase. Other major metropolitan centers like Seattle and Vancouver are also seeing similar pandemics of homeless and addicted people wasting away without help or recourse. Many families across the United States in rural communities are losing loved ones to addictive opioids in horrifying numbers.

None of this has to be happening. A couple years ago during my struggle with cancer I inadvertently discovered how to cure alcoholism and addiction, of which I suffered too, and I wrote about it in my article The Cure For Alcoholism and Addiction. The problem is that those who need the information in this article are rarely capable of using it. By the time you have active addiction and alcoholism the brain is not entirely able to even comprehend what is going on, let alone embark on a course of action to fix it without assistance. Considering the stigma surrounding alcoholism and addiction the sufferers of this disease also try to ignore or hide their condition, which makes addressing it impossible in the stages when it’s easy to do so. The people who can use the information in my article are families of those who are addicted or alcoholic (although they too are often in the same predicament), community leaders, rehab facilities, and heads of government agencies, lawmakers, and activists. I have tried to get relevant subjects to read and evaluate my work, but have been largely ignored due to the fact that I have no credentials or public influence to leverage. Instead I need people who know my work to bring attention to this simple and accessible solution so that it can begin to take on a form which can begin to actually help those who need it. If you are reading this and you know educators, elected officials, journalists, activists, or families in need please ask them to read my article and seriously consider its contents as a solution to these problems. These diseases no longer have to plague humanity. It could begin to be fixed in a matter of days if enough people were exposed to the information. It is easy to prevent and almost as easy to cure, if only people know how to do it.

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Nathan HatchComment