Fuck Portion Control

Fuck Portion Control


You don’t need to struggle and starve yourself to look and feel good. In fact, that is opposite of how the body works, and this book shows you how to achieve real and lasting health and relief from many debilitating metabolic problems. A combination of my personal memoir and insight into how the body works, this is the story of my experience with many common health problems from hair loss to hypothyroidism to cancer and includes information on curing a host of problems including candida, gut troubles, reducing viral infections, stop and regrow hair loss, cure depression, erectile and libido dysfunction, and many others.


People all over the world are using the information in Fuck Portion Control to get their health back on track. Here are some reviews.

"@naytehatch‘s “Fuck Portion Control” is one of the single best and most accessible books I’ve ever read on health. It is a beautiful story about how Nathan discovered he had thyroid cancer while simultaneously losing his health insurance. He had been struggling with health issues for years including alcoholism and depression. Where many people would simply give up, Nathan continued to dig deeper and eliminated his thyroid cancer without the use of major “medical” interventions like radiation or surgery. Nathan also cured his alcoholism and his depression. This book details the specific strategies that Nathan used and why. Highly recommend for anyone that is interested in taking their health and welfare into their own hands." — Dan

"I just opened the book today. On chapter two, and it's already got folded edges and highlighter. I can't put it down. Thank you for writing it." — Christine

"I have absolutely loved your book!  I'm already on my second reading, this time with a highlighter. I can't thank you enough for what you are doing by sharing your insights, knowledge and your personal stories. We as a society need so much more of this kind of selfless openness. You have my deepest respect." — Ron

"Loving the book Nathan. Full of information that I haven't come across before and I particularly enjoy you sharing experiences from your own life. Sending you a big hug from London x x" — Sophie at www.absolutelypure.com