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Personal Coaching Program
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The personal coaching program is for anyone who would like a bit more assistance than what can be achieved through reading my book alone, but everything I will advise can also be read in my book, and anyone purchasing this subscription should first be familiar with my ideas and philosophy on health and nutrition.

We begin with a simple questionnaire to which I respond with an email outlining my insights and ideas on how you can begin to improve your personal situation. This is not in any way a diagnosis of medical conditions, I am not a health professional in any way, shape, or form, and you are paying for my time and personal experience with certain health conditions which originates only from my own experience and no formal eduction, training, or certification. You are responsible for keeping me updated on your progress (or lack thereof) and any followups, queries, or questions. There are no refunds offered for any reason. So long as you are subscribed you have continuous access to my time and insight for continued updating or refining as needed. Cancel at any time. Just like my book the focus of my insight and advice is not on physical appearance but on overall health and wellness in ways which are often contrary to accepted mainstream ideas on fitness and health, and as such all health and medical decisions should be made under the supervision of a competent medical professional.


Personal Inventory Program

Personal Inventory Course

The Personal Inventory Program is a writing practice which helps you to diagram and analyze your life history in ways which facilitate complete and total emotional and mental healing from past traumas, issues from childhood, or behavioral difficulties which might be getting in the way of your goals and dreams. This therapy is detailed in a chapter in my book and is totally doable on your own and this is offered for anyone who would like personal instruction in this practice and includes three, one-hour, one-on-one video conference coaching sessions where I walk you through the practice of personal inventory and explain in detail how to accomplish the therapy effectively in your own life while helping to critique and guide you through the nuances of this very effective practice.

The first session we cover personal inventory and go through several example entries and discuss how this therapy works and the ways it connects to your personal life experiences to help resolve problems. You will then do work on your own before our second session in which we review and refine your personal inventory practice, then discuss and teach you how to do the second part which is the fear inventory which helps us deal with fears we have of things like dying, failing, or getting sick. You will then do homework on your own for both inventory practices before meeting a third and last time in which we review what you have written and go over any additional input you might need to do it more effectively on your own.

Direct benefits of the personal and fear inventory practice are: liberation from ruminating thoughts, no more obsessing over past events, gentler emotions, more balanced reactions toward people and events, clarity in relationships, increased ability to forgive those who have hurt you, an increased ability to stand up for yourself, ability to connect with mentally and emotionally healthy people, ability to make amends and repair damage to relationships, improved self-esteem, and reduction or resolution of mental health disorders which are not rooted in diet and physiology.

This practice directly confronts the ego structure which blocks us from achieving a higher state of existence, so do not purchase if you are not willing to do serious work on yourself and confront difficult and challenging emotional resistance and requires personal work and introspection and only produces results as much as you are willing to sit down and perform the practice. Results do not happen without this effort nor a willingness to employ personal honesty and initiative. If you are willing to do this you will be able to use these tools to better your own life and heal yourself, and you are paying for my time in teaching this skill, not for guaranteed or promised outcomes which instead rely totally on your own ability and willingness to practice as instructed. No refunds are given after start of program because payment is for my time, nothing else. Refunds are offered before start of program.

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