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Thank you to the many people who have expressed appreciation for my work. Of all the things I ever wanted to be, a survivor of metabolic illness was not one of them. I have begun to appreciate my struggle now in the way I am able to help others, and because of access to so much information from biologists, researchers, and other investigators who help to spread knowledge and experience and to further contribute to that effort I have chosen to offer access to my work without charging or product placement, in part to help those who need this kind of access to practical health solutions but cannot afford to pay for every book, article, diet, and scheme they encounter in their search for answers, and also to avoid any kind of compromise to the integrity of my work. But it is time consuming and expensive to run this blog in addition to my normal work, and I cannot do it indefinitely without turning it into some sort of business. If you have benefitted from my shared experience and insight which I share freely and have the means to contribute, as well as be notified about updates and new articles to my blog, won't you please sign up to be a patron of my work at this link:

Patreon is a site which lets Patrons support creators who work outside the obligatory pay-up-front model. An honor system, a Patron can show support with as little as $1 a month, which is less per year than a bottle of vitmain C. Though each "reward" has a description, it is less formal than that, and anyone who becomes a Patron at the $10 level can inquire for coaching.

I soon have articles forthcoming on acne and getting ripped via nutrition, and in the future many planned articles on further improvements in health like curing baldness, and diabetes of which I have the same sort of intuitive hunch which has led to my other articles (though those will take some more experimenting and research), not to mention further refining of my writing and scientific insight. I will also improve my influence and reach by writing more on food, relationships, emotional struggles, spirituality, other health issues, and life in general as well as a book and perhaps even some low-cost health products to simplify nutritional aids using expressly healthy sources.

I can do all these things because of the support and help of the community of which I am a part, people whom are so tired of going around in circles and long for real, tangible improvements to our quality of life. 


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