The Cure for Baldness, Varicose Veins, Some Viruses, and other New Discoveries...

Yes—I have figured out why hair loss happens and how it can be restored! But you'll have to buy the book for this one. It has a ton of new stuff, better writing, new cures, and new stories!

• The Cure for Hair Loss
• Heal Varicose Veins and other Venous Insufficiency
• Permanently Lose Weight
• Eliminate some viral Infections like Herpes Complexes
• The Cure for Depression, Anxiety, & Learned Hopelessness and other mental illnesses
• Regenerating Tissue through GABA
• Curing Thyroid Disease, Metabolic Disease, and other Endocrine Disorders
• Naturally Lean through Nutrition
• The Cure for Erectile Dysfunction
• The Cure for Insomnia
• More insight into Steroids/Sex Hormones/Endocrinological Function
• Lots of Gay Stuff
• And all the great content from this blog, updated.

Please note that like the articles on my blog, these are not pharmacological interventions to disease and this book is not meant to diagnose or treat any illness, but to put forth simpler ideas on healing which require certain adherents to diet and behavior which not all readers will be willing or able to employ, but my work focuses on easy and accessible ways to health that work with our natural physiology to coax metabolic pathways back into working order, and do not involve exotic or expensive therapies nor third-party interventions.  Click here to view the book or to order. Thanks for all your support. I couldn't have done this without the people who have contributed to my Patreon, and the many thousands of readers who have visited and shared my blog.

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