Brown Sugar, Lime, and Basil Fruit Salad


Fruit is probably the most important food that we can eat as human beings. Chock-full of important things like boron, potassium, and vitamin C, it's really hard to beat fruit's benefit to human health, and in fact I came to understand vitamin C's role in curing thyroid disease and thus fruit's indispensable role in sustaining a properly working metabolism. Sometimes it's hard to want to eat fruit, and it's never a problem to dress it up (I discovered that as my metabolic rate increased and I became healthier I actually began to CRAVE fruit over other food sources). Fruit fiber is also superior to that of other fibers, where cheap fiber supplements can scrape and irritate the gut and feed indiscriminate bacteria, fruit fiber feeds beneficial bacteria and helps to regulate gut function. Unless it's drowning in whipped cream (nothing wrong with that!) fruit salad is usually boring, sour, and dissatisfying. Cheap brands of brown sugar use white refined sugar and add some molasses back in. Do yourself a favor and choose a better brand of real brown sugar, which will contain more minerals and nutrients and have a better flavor profile. The deliciousness of foods always depends on the quality of the ingredients rather than the method of preparation. This fruit salad is one you won't get tired of making. Honeydew would be a great addition.


Rasberries, halved
Strawberries, halved and de-leafed (after slicing in half the leaves can be pinched off easily). 
Nectarines, cubed
Honeydew, cubed (optional)
1/2 cup of good Brown Sugar
Handful of Basil Leaves, julienned
Juice of 2 Limes
Pinch of Salt

Stir together. Other fruits can be added or substituted. Watermelon goes particularly well with this.