Hair Regrowth Progress

My DSLR I thought was broken actually works, so I tried to take a macro picture of the hair regrowth I have going on. It’s really hard to do such a thing on your own, lol, but it turned out pretty good, even showing the beads of sweat that resulted. It’s hard to tell now where the old hair line was, since so many of the border hairs have now matured, but you can see all the new anagen hairs which have spread across the hair loss field. They’re not maturing as fast as youthful hair growth, but that’s probably because I’m the first person to figure out how to do this, 39 years old, and have a health history full of serious metabolic diseases. If you want to learn how to regrow your own hair, you can get a copy of my book, which outlines the foundations of human health and accessible strategies to overcome a wide variety of metabolic diseases, including things like insomnia, cancer, thyroid disease, depression, hair loss, alcoholism and addiction, and many others.