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Recrimination in Relationships and How to Salvage Them

“You look so ugly when you talk like that,” said my mother one day when I was seventeen, “I wish I could record you so you could see how ugly you are.” I don’t remember exactly what we were fighting about—I had recently been discovered as homosexual and our relationship had become yet more strained under their dismissal and increased persecution. I was a very good kid—I got the best grades in my family, never tried drinking or smoking, was still a virgin…

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Kids Don't Like Vegetables. Deal With It.

Several years ago I was on a phone call with one of my sisters. She began venting about how her children were not eating. “What are you feeding them?” I asked. She rambled off several different food items, most of which were vegetables. I began to explain to her why kids don’t like vegetables, and how she could get around it,

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